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Medicare Resources

Medicare BackOffice ®

We have now partnered with Medicare BackOffice ® to provide you with important information to help navigate the Medicare maze and find the plan that works best for you. They are a great resource to help you understand the different parts of Medicare, recognize what is and isn't covered, and contrast the differences and similarities between Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement.

To speak with an insurance agent at Medicare BackOffice ®, you can call 1-877-385-8083 and provide my name: Richard Mootz, as a referral. You can also click on the button that says "Virtual Referral" below and one of their agents will reach out to you.

Virtual Referral

What Medicare BackOffice ® Has to Offer

To learn more about the resources at Medicare BackOffice ® and what they have to offer, please click the "MBO ® Resources" button below.

MBO ® Resources

Medicare Directory Site

Select the button below provided by Medicare BackOffice ® for the directory to check if your doctors accept Medicare.

Doctor Directory

Checklist for Online Medicare

Select the button below provided by Medicare BackOffice ® to see the checklist for Online Medicare, Retirement, & Spouses Applications to assist you in the information gathering process.

Medicare Checklist