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Our exclusive ESCAPE process gives you information, tools, advice and assistance to turn your financial to-do list into a comprehensive plan designed to achieve your goals, thereby reducing your stress and anxiety.

Educate: Investing has become significantly more complex since the days when your choices were simply stocks and bonds. With Mootz Financial Solutions, you have the opportunity to learn more about investing in general and your options in particular. We engage you in the process and give you the tools and options you need to be proactive in your own financial future, all customized to your interests and needs.

Simplify: The complexity of today’s financial environment can make many financial tasks – such as selecting investments, creating plans for college and retirement, preparing wills, choosing insurance or investing an inheritance – overwhelming, especially if financial topics aren’t your forte. Mootz Financial Services helps simplify those obligations by guiding you through the planning process, advising you on investments and monitoring your status relative to your goals.

Clarify: We often face conflicting demands on our time, attention and financial resources. It’s hard to prioritize your goals when everything seems important. Our frank conversations about your values, worries and money assist you in identifying how to best allocate your resources toward your goals. Getting to know you well also helps us clarify the advantages and disadvantages of the many solutions and actions available to you. In short, knowing you helps us in providing service that meets your expectations.

Advise: With Mootz Financial Solutions, you benefit from our years of education and professional investment experience as we advise you of your financial options, analyzing your financial situation, making you aware of opportunities as well as threats, and evaluating the results.

Partner: You have strong partners in many areas of your life, and we want to be your partner in your quest for a secure financial future. Confidence and communication are the foundation for our relationships with our clients. Together, we’ll identify how frequently we should be in touch and the forms of communication – mail, email, phone calls or meetings – that work best for you. Our goal is to be your partner through all of life’s transitions and changes.

Enrich: Simply put, we strive to enrich your life by reducing your stress and anxiety when it comes to your finances.

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